Read about these 2017 Excellence Award winners—outstanding local people and innovative projects that are helping curb homelessness and high-cost housing in our area.

Everyone should have the opportunity
to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home.

Family-homeFormed in 2001, the Tacoma Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium is a nonprofit organization comprised of housing providers, lenders, and others who work in Pierce County to provide a unified voice for affordable housing in our community.

Throughout the US, and in Tacoma-Pierce County specifically, having a job does not guarantee having a place to live. Minimum-wage workers simply do not earn enough. Many seniors, families with children, and persons with disabilities live on limited incomes which often aren’t adequate to afford the high market-rate rents most common throughout Pierce County.

When housing costs too much, people don’t have enough left to cover other basic needs such as transportation, food and health care, or to cope with emergencies. Affordable housing provides desirable, low-cost homes for people who simply do not earn enough to pay for “market-rate” apartments. It gives people with low and modest incomes safe and healthy places to live in our communities.


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